Step 3. Retailer Selection and Content Distribution MintRight's content management and distribution platform allows publishers to easily choose what retailers they would like to have their ebooks distributed to and at what price. The platform then formats the content for distribution to all sellers selected, for multiple ereaders, according to specifications of each. This work is done seamlessly by MintRight, no additional content formatting needs to be done by the publisher.

Step 4. Financial Reporting MintRight aggregates financial reports and payments from retailers and providers publishers with a single point of access for all sales reports. Publishers can filter sales data by content, range of dates and retailer. Publishers can also easily export the data for external analysis.

Step 1. Needs Assessment & Strategy Development
We begin every new relationship with an in-depth conversation in which we listen to our prospective client to gain a clear understanding of their unique needs. We then assess those needs against our extensive industry knowledge and insights into the ebook industry to identify relevant market opportunities. Once a solid foundation of knowledge is built, together we develop an implementation strategy for distribution. Once a plan is established, we enter into a contract. It is important to note that publishers always remain in total control of all copyright and content distribution decisions.

Step 2. Content Preparation & Ingestion
When we are ready to begin, publishers are provided with all of the technical requirements needed for content preparation. Publisher assistance is available, if needed, for content preparation through one of our content conversion partners. Once the content and associated meta data are delivered to MintRight, they are processed and ingested into the MintRight platform.